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Countly 24.05 Release: What's New and Improved

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June 27, 2024
Nadia Benslimane
Nadia Benslimane
Marketing Specialist and Product Analytics Enthusiast
Counlty 24.05 Release: What's New and Improved

Countly 24.05 is here, bringing many updates and enhancements to your favorite product analytics platform. In this article, we'll cover some of the most significant changes, including the introduction of Profile Groups, the revamped Alerts 2.0, redesigned Feedback Widgets, a strategic new Data Populator, and Date Picker Presets

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Profile Groups: Enhancing User Management

Profile Groups are a powerful new feature that allows you to create manual lists of User Profiles. These lists can be created by uploading files containing device IDs or internal user IDs or by selecting users directly from the User Profiles main table. You can combine file uploads and manual selections to build your profile groups, which can then be used similarly to cohorts. Profile Groups can be utilized for sending targeted Push Notifications, conducting Surveys, and more.

Find more details about Profile Groups here.

Alerts 2.0: Reimagined for Better Insights

The latest version of Countly introduces Alerts 2.0, offering a complete overhaul of the alerts system. You can now choose from a wide variety of data points to get alerted about, filter these data points for more relevant notifications, and configure your alerts with more options. Additionally, alerts can trigger external hooks, notifying other systems about important changes in your data. This feature opens up possibilities such as sending notifications to team messaging apps or triggering incident management systems based on critical data changes.

More about Alerts 2.0 here

Redesigned Survey and NPS Widgets

Our Survey and NPS widgets have been revamped to provide a more modern look and feel. These widgets are now fully responsive, ensuring optimal display on mobile, tablet, and browser platforms. The redesign aims to enhance user experience and engagement with your surveys and NPS feedback.

Check out all the details about Surveys here. You can learn more about NPS widgets from here.

New Data Populator: Simulate and Strategize

The new Data Populator plays a crucial role in simulating what your data plan will look like once implemented. You can add user properties, probabilities, and conditional correlations between properties. Events, views, and segments can be defined with conditional values, and sequences can be created to control user flows based on custom properties and probabilities. This tool includes revamped templates for various industries such as entertainment, B2B SaaS, healthcare, finance, social, and e-commerce, helping you visualize and strategize your tracking setup.

More about the new Data Populator here

Date Picker Presets: Simplifying Date Range Selections

Date Picker presets allow you to define custom date ranges that can be reused throughout your Countly instance. Create presets using operators like "in between," "since," and "in the last," and access them anywhere the main date picker is available. This feature is particularly useful for displaying specific marketing campaigns, release dates, or custom ranges like the last 90 days.

Learn more about these presets here.

Additional Updates and Enhancements

Besides the above-mentioned features, here are some extra updates to enhance the efficiency of your analytics journey with Countly:  

  • User Profiles Widgets: Add user profiles widgets to your dashboards for better visibility and management.
  • Granularity for Date Fields: Use hour and minute granularity for all date fields in Drill and other queries.
  • Data Manager Transformation: Apply transformations to copy event segments as custom user properties.
  • Quick Flow Toggles: Easily toggle all flows from the main view.
  • Bulk User Purge: Purge users in bulk from the user profiles main table.
  • Internal Name Field: An internal name field for feedback widgets to help your team stay organized.
  • Contains Operator: A new "contains" operator for the app version metric and crashes, aiding in troubleshooting specific app versions.
  • Ratings Table: Navigate from the comments table of ratings to individual user profiles.
  • Consent Functionality: Add terms and/or privacy policies to your survey, NPS, and rating widgets.

For a comprehensive list of all new features and bug fixes in Countly 24.05, check out the Countly server on GitHub

Through this release, our goal is to enhance your experience with Countly and provide you with the features you need to gain deeper insights and build better products. We can't wait to see how you utilize these new features to take your analytics and UX to the next level!

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Elevate your user experience with Countly’s intuitive analytics solution.
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