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Achieving Product Analytics Maturity in Only 4 Steps

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September 29, 2022
Countly Team
Countly Team
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“What should you and your business focus on when trying to create better customer journeys and beat the competition?” That was the question we asked Countly data captains (also known as Countly customers) when trying to determine how well they collect customer experience metrics and how well they were using that data to make data-driven decisions.

The Four Stages of Product Analytics

The responses we gathered indicated four uniquely distinct stages in their digital transformation and organizational growth. By understanding what the characteristics of each stage are, we — and ultimately, you — can determine what the ultimate goal is and how crucial and instrumental product analytics are to getting there.

Download a free copy of our report, but also map and understand where your organization fits based on the following graph.

Make sure to keep it handy as your product evolves and your analytics needs increase. And never forget how much value using a 360-degree product analytics platform has to create data strategies that improve customer experience and drive trust.

Download and save this infographic to achieve product analytics maturity in only 4 steps.
Download and keep this handy!
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