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Testing and Launching Apps with Analytics: A 9-step Guide for Product Managers

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June 1, 2022
Countly Team

Product Managers, especially those in start-ups, have no easy job to do: product tweaks, project management, QA, release notes, you name it. With such a dynamic and all-encompassing role, things can get tricky. So much so that, in a recent poll we conducted via LinkedIn, we found out that “Testing and Launch” is the second most problematic stage in the life of a digital product, according to almost 27% of product managers.

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And it’s no wonder that Testing and Launch is such a struggle: this stage is not just about finding bugs and errors, but also about making the most informed decisions possible with only a limited amount of data coming from test users. In the past, we covered the basic steps for the launch of a mobile app. But now we will look further into the 9 steps to reduce guesswork, time, and money with product analytics, in all digital applications.

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