Countly for IT and ITES

Security and innovation through product analytics

End-to-end customer journey enhancements with product analytics that scale with your needs.

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One-stop KPI viewer

Keep groups within your organization aware of product and user metrics with unlimited, customizable, and powerful data dashboards.
Application Performance Monitoring

Streamlined product experience

Know in real-time if networks and devices are affecting the performance of your product, and incorporate these insights into your development strategies.
Remote Config

Customizable content displays

Make code-less changes to your front-facing interface based on any user segmentation.

Segmented user intelligence

Distribute users based on shared properties to better segment user flows, data access security, product campaigns, or any other insights.
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How do different teams in the IT and ITES industries use Countly?

Democratize Data

Reporting done right

Get multiple reporting features that keep you and your teams fully aware of user, data, and product performance and management.
From Analytics to Action

Cross-platform data consolidation

Solidify data coming from mobile, web, and desktop devices in one place for an omnichannel understanding of product usage and customer journeys.
From Analytics to Action

Self-managed extensibility

Scale your product analytics capabilities with your product and insights needs with an extensible infrastructure.
Privacy by Design

Flexible installation

Host Countly on premises or in a self- or Countly-hosted cloud with dedicated servers for your data only.
Privacy by Design

Make privacy your biggest asset

Incorporate the tight security of your product analytics insights into your selling strategies.
From Analytics to Action

Infomed selling strategies

Power up sales cycles with insights that ensure you understand the entire customer journey better and how your product benefits users.
Democratize Data

Retention through collaboration

Come up with better churn-reduction strategies when you communicate across teams using the same platform.
From Analytics to Action

Engage faster and better

Keep users aware and informed of your activities and track their interest in your brand through time.
From Analytics to Action

One-stop for performance reviews

Get a full picture of any issues impacting user experience and get real-time information on any disruption to react accordingly without delays.
Privacy by Design

Secure individual user data

Manage who in your teams visualize users’ data, eliminating the risk of exposing sensitive data while providing highly informed support.
"Countly helps us follow and onboard our customers, (...) better understand our user behaviors, calculate the ROI of our new features, and improve the usability of our solution."

Francesco B.

Chief of Operations at an ITES organization

Where will you see the benefits of using product analytics?

Flexible Deployment
Self-hosted or Cloud Availability.
Privacy Compliance
Data protected as per GDPR, CCPA, and more.
Scalable Features
Over 70 features to choose from.

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Data-based insights that shape innovation strategies

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