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The analytics solution for creating the ultimate learning experience for your users

Find ever-innovative ways to provide your users with personalized, creative, and engaging educational tools that help them learn, explore, and thrive like never before.

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User Profiles

Deliver individualized customer journeys

Get insights based on the data generated by each user and develop exciting, new, and personalized experiences, always with full privacy regulation compliance.
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Behavioral segmentation done right

Group your entire user base according to their shared behaviors and properties to build an empowering learning solution that lasts forever.

Revolutionize how your users navigate your apps

Find where your users struggle with their learning, design innovative ways to keep them motivated, and help them fill and exceed their knowledge goals.
Push Notifications

Engagement - when your users need it

Deliver rapid and personalized messages that ensure and boost the progress of every user, at the time they need it.
Trusted by leading, best-in-class organizations to deliver product excellence.
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Turn academic excellence into a data-safe, life-changing experience

Helping each user reach their full potential is never easier than when you have all the right ingredients to deliver personalized education, all while being the custodian of their data.
Why is data privacy a key ingredient? →

How do different teams in EdTech use Countly?

Democratize Data

All your product insights - One platform

Align all development efforts with analytics and insights gathered under a single roof, avoiding silos and streamlining processes across teams.
Why is Countly the best solution for Product Teams? →
From Analytics to Action

Let data guide how you educate

Come up with ever-more impressive and engaging content by embedding product analytics insights into development processes.
How do analytics guide key product decisions? →
Privacy by Design

Data-tight deployments

Implement data controls and access permissions to ensure that users’ personal data is never, ever at risk.
How does Countly protect user data? →
Democratize Data

Powerful data-infused collaboration

Create workspaces where developers and testers can check functionalities, get performance metrics, and even work along with everyone else in the product life cycle.
Why is Countly the best solution for Engineering Teams? →
From Analytics to Action

Identify leads faster, powered by analytics

Deep dive into what potential customers need and expect from your product with insights derived from your visitors’ journeys and behaviors.
What can behavioral analytics show you? →
Democratize ACCESS TO Data

Get data from users and from your team members

Truly understand prospects by building an effective network of shared intelligence within your organization so everyone facilitates your sales processes and productivity.
Privacy by Design

Meaningful connections with a life-long impact

Reciprocate the trust your users put on you by bringing them the solutions they didn’t know they needed.
Why should you always retain user trust? →
From Analytics to Action

Shine a light on your content

Keep users engaged, motivated, and challenged with highly-targeted strategies across every touchpoint for a true 360° approach on education.
Why is Countly the best solution for Marketing Teams? →
Privacy by Design

The personal touch that keeps user trust safe

Revolutionize user intelligence thanks to individualized track records, always up-to-date and always available only to those team members who need it.
How will Countly help you do it? →
From Analytics to Action

Powerful feedback = Even more powerful apps

Set in motion Voice of the Customer strategies, nurture relationships with your users based on their opinions, and provide crucial feedback for the product’s lifecycle.
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"Countly has proven to be an ideal analytics solution for our research, which usually centers around how people interact with technology. Countly has been uniquely able to check all the boxes for us, allowing us to focus on developing research apps rather than analytics solutions."
Jeremy Johnson
Senior Research Scientist, Institute for People and Technology at Georgia Institute of Technology

How will product analytics make all the difference in your EdTech business?

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Amazing content starts with amazing data
Make informed decisions about everything you show your users based on their real-time needs and usage trends.
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Unparalleled deep-diving into user progress
Feed every interaction with your user with individualized insights, helping them exceed their knowledge goals.
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Full privacy - 100% of the time
Stay compliant with all major data privacy regulations and make data protection the asset that will ensure user trust, forever.

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