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Understand everything you wanted to know about your product and users when you deploy the most comprehensive, secure, and scalable analytics platform in the market.

Straight-forward insights from straight-forward architectures

Get 10+ SDKs to collect data from mobile, web, desktop, smart TV, smart watch, IoT, and set-top box applications.

Full coverage of all customer journeys

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Mobile Analytics
All major platforms including iOS and Android
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Desktop Analytics
Available for macOS, Windows, and Linux applications
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Web Analytics
JavaScript-based available for websites and web applications

Your product will scale.
Your analytics tool should too!

Choose from 70+ features that quickly integrate into your product, start delivering much-needed insights right away, and adapt to your business needs and to every product lifecycle.

Scalable and flexible to fit every need

The journey to the world of customizable insights, 100% yours and 100% secure, starts here.
All our plans are #privacyled, #featurepacked and #for-all-in-one.
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Get Countly Flex, brand new cost-effective, customizable and powerful cloud analytics solution.
✔️Core features and wide pool of add-ons
✔️Support via Discord
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With Countly Enterprise you get unlimited, extensible, scalable with world class support.
✔️Self or Cloud-hosted
✔️Unlimited features & access
✔️Support via dedicated CS Manager
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💡 Looking for a free forever, open source analytics solution? Start with Countly Lite.

Two deployment options.
One secure solution.

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Available for Countly Enterprise proprietary licenses and Countly Lite open-source licenses
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Private Cloud
Available only for Countly Enterprise


How is Countly Enterprise licensed?
Countly Enterprise is licensed based on your data point volume and on an annual subscription basis. We first hold a short online meeting to understand your use case and needs after which we come up with a deployment plan that will work best for your business.
Is it easy to install Countly on-premises?
If you choose self-hosting, you can take advantage of the installation scripts packed for Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux or you can take advantage of our Docker/Kubernetes support in both Countly Lite and Countly Enterprise. If your environment has strict firewall rules, we also provide offline installation packages for RHEL, available for Countly Enterprise customers.
Do I have to host Countly Enterprise myself?
You can choose to host Countly Enterprise on-premises or let us host and maintain the infrastructure for you in a private cloud setting. If you choose the private cloud option, you can still use your own domain, SSL certificate, have direct access to the underlying database, and install your own plugins into your Countly deployment.
Can Countly Enterprise handle my user base?
The server logic of Countly is stateless so you can deploy a cluster of any size. Combined with MongoDB sharding, Countly Enterprise is scalable out of the box, able to handle virtually any size of customer base and data volume. Our solution is battle-tested in production by businesses tracking millions of customers and billions of data points in individual deployments.

Are you ready to built better products?

Countly is the ultimate privacy-compliant solution that simplifies product and user analytics and ramps up your growth strategies.
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